Vaporesso , who rose strongly over the past year and learned to make worthy boxmodes, also decided to take part in the “arms race”. Therefore, the recently announced release of the boxer Revenger , attracted the attention of even the supporters of SMOK.

Vaporesso Revenger boxman

From the first glance at Revenger it becomes clear that this is a Vaporesso product. Angular, skewed design, immediately casts us on the Tarot series. But this time no vyrviglaznyh and bright colors, although many like it, I can not blame them. Revenger is available in three colors: red, blue, black.


  • Size: 89mm x 45mm x 28mm
  • Power: 5-220W
  • Material: zinc alloy (zinc alloy)
  • Display: 0.96 ‘OLED
  • Colors: red, blue, black

The dimensions of the boxmodel are quite standard (89mm height, 45mm width) and are comparable to competitors such as Wismec Predator, iJoy Captain , Sigelei Kaos Spectrum.

However, the thickness of the Revenger 28mm, which is a bit, but the owners of 30mm drips will be unhappy. For all others, the connector pads 510 will be more than enough.

The Omni chipset is already known for its reliability to overheating and stress. In addition, Vaporesso promise the possibility of fast charging of 2.5A batteries with balancing, which seems something unreal, but I really want to believe in this possibility, then the need for separate chargers will no longer be necessary.

Vaporesso Revenger Kit NRG rta tank kit

Revenger plans to sell with a new tank NRG , we’ll look at it separately, but it’s obvious that Vaporesso planned them as a single device and solution. Clearly, the market is already saturated with powerful box-boxes and Vaporesso will have to surprise the buyers with something. But at first glance, it turned out to be a good boxmode that looks good, has an excellent vnutrianka, which can compete with DNA boards for customization and settings, and with fast charging. Perhaps we are seeing the birth of a new leader and pet of the vapers.


Eleaf iKonn 220


Eleaf has introduced a new boxbox for two 18650 batteries called iKonn 220. As the name suggests, the boxmode is New items

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