All products from the company Vaporesso stands out clearly against the background of other devices for wicking. Today at the review Vaporesso Swag kit, which is a battery pack and atomizer NRG SE Tank. The traits of pico aystik are traced. Look how beautiful he is! Bribes the appearance and they are all so cool, boxes from Vaporesso.



Box-mod, branded USB cable for charging and installing software, atomizer, spare bulb with o-rings, warranty card, user manual, where among others there is also Russian.


Dimensions box-fashion:

Height: 75 mm 
Width: 48 mm 
Thickness: 25 mm 
Weight: 64 g. without battery


Information for information

Vaporesso Swag is an electronic box-mode for 1 18650 battery, manufactured using AML technology, has wear-resistant side lining material, is currently produced in six colors, allows to wind atomizers up to 23 mm in diameter, raises in varivatta from 0.05 ohms, works on chip OMNI Board 2.0.


Technical specifications

Modes: Smart VW (H / K / S), CCW, CCT, VT (Ni, Ti, SS), TCR (M1, M2), RCT, BYPASS, 
Temperature limits: 100 ° C to 315 ° C, 
Limits Output power: 5 to 80 W, 
Operating resistance: 0.05 to 5 Ohm, 
Maximum current: 50 A, 
Voltage limits: 0 to 8.5 V.

Atomizer Overview

In the kit is a simple NRG SE Tank bacomizer on removable evaporators. 
A non-standard delirin 510 drip-type is placed in the top cover, which is moved to the side, providing an opportunity to refuel. Holds a 3.5 ml tank of liquid.

The tank develops by turning the top cover counter-clockwise and in disassembled form consists of five parts: drip-type, top cover, bulb, evaporator and base.


Replaceable evaporators are screwed onto the base by a threaded connection. Pre-installed in the tank was a coil of the GT2 series for one spiral and a resistance of 0.4 Ohm, operating at a power of 40 to 80 watts. 
Spare evaporator GT CCELL (Ceramic), designed for resistance of 0.5 Ohm and power from 15 to 40 watts.

The company’s official website has other evaporators: GT4, GT6, GT8.

From the bottom of the base there is a ring for adjusting the blowing, with stoppers, blowing the bottom. taste little conveys the tank, still the horizontal arrangement of the coyle has never pleased the abundance of taste.



Height: 48.5 mm 
Diameter: 22 mm 
Weight: 45 g with a coil.

Review of boxing fashion

Just want to note that the box-fashion aesthetically beautiful looks, while it is nice to lay in his hand. Lining tactilely pleasantly felt, while the mod is very light and has the correct weighting. Noticeable similarity of the corporate identity with the Vaporesso Revenger.


The upper part has a battery cover and a connector pad. The cover turns off counter-clockwise and opens access to the mine under the 18650 battery. The quality of the thread does not cause any complaints. The connector part of the mod is made in the form of a steel ring and such an implementation will not allow the atomizer to scratch the body of the mod.


It is possible to wind up atomizers up to 23 mm, which is a significant limitation in diameter for many tanks. Drips on 24 mm corny can not be screwed, as the lid under the battery will not allow.


Of course, if you undermine it, you can wind it with 24 diameters, or use a special podium adapter, as it was for Aistik Pico. All listed options are not practical and it is in this salt devaysa, which is intended primarily for beginners (use the whale kit) and fans of cigarette tanks.


The side parts of the mod have inserts, while on one port for charging, and on the other paired minus and plus buttons, which are also recessed and spontaneously not included in the backpack.

The front panel has placed a fire, a monochrome, slightly toned OLEO display, with a diagonal of 0.91 inches and a mode button. Bottom air vents for the board and battery.


Controlling Modes

The device turns on when you click 5 times to start. The click to start is pleasant, and the response of the board is instantaneous. In the box, operating modes are implemented: varivatt, which is called Smart VW (H / K / S). There is a possibility to choose sublevels in varivatta: H – high, K – normal, S – light. Also Smart mode will ask each time whether the new atomizer is wound and if new, it will automatically adjust the power depending on the resistance.


There are also thermal control modes (Ni, Ti, SS), TCR (work with different temperature control spirals) and there are two modes with memory setting in TCR (M1 and M2).

I liked the BYPASS mode, very quickly ignites spirals, it is more suitable for heating sabon windings.

There are also functions for adjusting the brightness of the screen, the number of puffs that can be reset or completely disabled, the battery charge level is measured in percent, while the end time of the charge is shown.


Overall Impression

Vaporesso Swag is an excellent stealth device, with a beautiful exterior design and a well-proven board. It can be placed side by side with Pico 25 , AL85 and iJoy Capo 100 . Or the last pico from the elite is  Pico 21700.

Mod is suitable for atomizers with a cigarette puff, with a diameter of 22 mm, such as Berserker MINI MTL RTA , Siren 2 MTL , Merlin MTL RTA . With their use, autonomy will suffice. It is noted that the mod raises from 0.05 ohms, but at such low resistance the board begins to warm, indicating that this mod is not for drips. Even at 0.09 Ohm, the board began to bask after 5 puffs on the drip.


Cons and pros


– only up to 23 mm you can put an atomizer on the mod,


– the ability to quickly recharge the mod via USB, – 
light weight, 
-class board work, – 
attractive finish and workmanship.


Now It’s Available : Vaporesso Swag 80W Kit

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