With RDTAs becoming increasingly popular, I thought I’d give the Skyhook RDTA a whirl. 

Specifications : 

  • 24.5mm Diameter
  • 61.5mm height including Drip Tip
  • 5ml Tank Capacity
  • Floating Velocity posts
  • 23.2mm Building deck
  • Multiple airflow choices
  • Side refilling system
  • Spares
  • Adjustable bottom post for use on hybrid mechs
  • Available in 4 colours

This tank is BIG!! Looks like plenty of space for builds, juice and airflow. I couldn’t wait to get a build on it. Inside the box there’s a bit of standard Smok cotton, spare glass and an RDA barrel.

Building on this is pure afternoon delight! So much room to shape and bend into shape. For someone with fat fingers like myself it was pure bliss. Using the alan key to tighten the screws allows you to secure your coils to maximum effect. I put two juggernauts on the deck with ease.

Now to wicking. This was a little trickier. Getting the wick to hang into the tank is a bit of a squeeze. The holes for wicking look huge, but remember they need to be air tight to prevent leaks. After a few attempts I found there is a knack to it. After slathering my coils in juice I attempted to fill the tank. I say attempted because after I was left with hands stickier than a gynaechologist. The hole where you fill up is also the hole where you feed your cotton. This means filling is either very slow or spills all over the outside of the tank, mod and onto your hands. Little bit of a design there.

Let’s get tonking on this! There are a few options for airflow. Side, bottom or both together.
Side – very generous sized holes give of clouds that Thomas the Tank engine would be jealous of.
Bottom – slightly less clouds, but increase in flavour.
Both – doesn’t really effect flavour  but increases those clouds further. If you want ridiculous clouds, this is your option!

No matter what the setting, Skyhook has flavour for days and some! No issues in that department. As with all Smok tanks this thing is thirsty. Even with a 5ml capacity you will find yourself filling it up a lot.

The fun doesn’t end there, no no no! Unscrew the bottom of the positive pin to disassemble the tank. This is where you can turn it into an RDA. I love the fact there is an option, especially as I’m an RDA fan boy.

There isn’t much to say about it though. The flavour is just as good the only downside is the juice well isn’t too big. The fact this can be used on hybrid mechs is an added bonus.It works as an RDA but not well enough for me to use everyday.

OVERALL : Smok have smashed it with this one. Flavour, clouds, space to build and options, this hits all the right spots. It’s a shame about the design when it comes to refilling but that is the only downfall and it hasn’t stopped me from regularly using it. One final little niggle, it doesn’t come with a 510 drip tip or a 510 adapter

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