eVic Primo 200W is a new mod from Joyetech. As the name implies, the box mod is a continuation of the eVic lineup with increased power and new features. Primo runs on two batteries and delivers power up to 200 watts, has compact dimensions, and the device board retains the accuracy and reliability of its predecessors.

The eVic Primo differs from its competitors with an advanced board – two-cell, previously released, usually did not have charge balancing, increased charging current and other improvements. Also, the mod has an unusual body shape, due to which it fits better in the hand.


The eVic Primo box mod comes in a box without an atomizer or with a clear Unimax 25 – a modern 5 ml tank designed specifically for the Unimax 25 starter kit.


With increased power, the eVic Primo case has not changed much in terms of dimensions – 84 x 53.4 x 26.4 mm, which is roughly comparable to the eVic VTC Dual (two battery version) or eVic AIO . The shape of the eVic Primo is made in the form of a trapezoid with rounded corners, where the side opposite to the “front” side is a bit narrower so that the mod is comfortable to hold in your hand. For inconspicuous soaring device is not suitable, but still quite compact for two batteries.

The zinc alloy case comes in different colors: silver, black and silver, black and gray, black and red and bronze. In each of these variations, there is a standard black leather imitation leather insert for Joyetech. Included with the mod is an additional pad that can be glued instead of the existing one. Separately, the manufacturer sells a few more of these colorful stickers. Thanks to the leather inserts, the device looks more solid and richer than the usual metal mods.

The build quality of the eVic Primo is top notch. Nothing rattles and does not hang out, even with a strong shaking. The battery compartment lid fits snugly to the case, so the device will stand flat and securely on the table.



From 1 to 200 watts with an adjustment step of 0.1 watts. There is a spiral pre-heating function in the mode that allows you to set a certain soaring power in the first seconds of tightening, after which the board will return to the “main” set power.

There are also two other modes, similar to the option. RTC (real time clock) is the same frequency, but some of the information on the screen is replaced by a large analog or digital clock. Smart – lightweight in terms of control, in which only the “more-less” scale remains on the screen without any accurate data on power.

Temperature control (TC)

eVic Primo allows you to set the maximum heating temperature of the spiral from 100 to 315 ° C or from 200 to 600 ° F. The adjustment step is 5 and 10 degrees, respectively. The thermal control mode in the mode is possible on nickel, titanium and stainless steel, there is also a TCR mode in which the TC can be configured on three arbitrary metals.

In the temperature control mode, you can block the resistance or manually set the power. Since eVic Primo has an improved board from previous eVic series devices, there is no doubt about its honesty – in all modes it works clearly and without complaints. Also in the fashion is a new technology that allows the device to issue a more stable maximum power regardless of the resistance of the installed evaporator. This is done due to the increased current limit and maximum voltage – 50 A and 9 V, respectively.

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From 0.05 to 1.5 in the TC mode and from 0.1 to 3.5 in the variable, Smart and RTC modes. All atomizers are excellent for eVic Primo, including the wide ones. The thickness of 26.4 mm makes it easy to install drips and clearomizers with a diameter of 25 mm.


In eVic Primo there are two removable 18650 batteries. The device requires batteries with a current rating of 25 A. You can charge the batteries in a separate charger or directly in the mod via USB port. Due to the presence of charge balancing, this process will be safe for batteries. In this case, the maximum charging current is increased – 1.5 A, so the batteries will receive a full charge faster.

Batteries are connected in series, so it’s impossible to soar on one battery. The contacts of the battery compartment are spring-loaded, and it closes on the lid with a mechanical latch. The minimum battery voltage is 3.3 V.

Joyetech also introduced a technology that has already been tested on its subsidiary brands in the Wismec RX300 and Eleaf Pico Dual – Powerbank devices. The eVic Primo box mod can serve as an external battery for electronic devices and charge them with a current of 2 A. An adapter is required to use this feature (not included).


The eVic Primo is standard for a series of large vertical displays that easily fit information about voltage, resistance, power, battery charge (individually for each battery), mode name, temperature and amperage, which can be replaced by the number of draws or the total soaring time .

The screen can be turned off, flipped 180 °, turn on the logo or full screen screensaver.


In the fashion standard 510 connector with brass spring pin.


eVic Primo has a full set of protection:

  • from short circuit;
  • high / low resistance;
  • high / low voltage;
  • overcharge / overdischarge;
  • from overheating of the board;
  • from evaporator overheating (cutoff at 10th second);
  • from improper installation of batteries;
  • from battery imbalance.

Upgradeable firmware

The mod can be updated using firmware from the official site . To do this, select the model, download the file, connect the eVic Primo to the computer via USB, and then launch the application. The update will take place automatically. At the time of publication for eVic Primo new firmware version yet.


eVic Primo is easy to manage, like previous devices in the series. Most functions are called by pressing Fire three times, selecting the desired line with the “-” button and interacting with it with the “+” button.

There are also combinations of buttons. Turns on and off the mod by pressing Fire five times. When the device is on, Fire and “-” turn off the screen, “+” and “-” block the adjustments. The Fire and “+” buttons will open a menu where you can customize the display of the logo, the time of appearance of the screensaver, preheating and Powerbank.

When the device is turned off, “+” and “-” turn the screen over, and Fire and “+” open the TCR settings. With Fire and “-” you can see the exact voltage of the batteries. Pressing Fire ten times will show the board temperature, and twenty times the firmware version.


  • Dimensions of the mod: 84 x 53.4 x 26.4 mm
  • Weight without battery: 156 g
  • Weight with battery: 246 g


  • Connector: 510 connector (spring-loaded brass pin)
  • Battery type: removable 18650 batteries (2 pcs) with a return current of 25 A
  • Supported resistance in TC mode: 0.05 – 1.5 Ohm
  • Supported resistance in mode: 0.1 – 3.5 Ohm
  • Working power: 1 – 200 W
  • Adjustable temperature range: 200 – 600 ° F; 100 – 315 ° C
  • Output voltage: 0.5 – 9 V
  • Maximum charging current: 1.5 A
  • Minimum battery voltage: 3.3 V
  • Maximum current: 50 A


Box mod comes in this kit:

  • the eVic Primo device itself;
  • leatherette color sticker;
  • USB cable;
  • instruction;
  • branded packaging.

With extended configuration, the following is added to the above:

  • Clearimazer Unimax 25 5 ml;
  • evaporator BFXL 0.5 Ohm (cantal);
  • spare o-rings;
  • vape band;
  • spare glass.

Feedback and experience of use

The eVic Primo box mod received good reviews. This device is on a time-tested board that has acquired several new interesting features like accelerated charging, charge balancing and Powerbank. Two removable batteries give more autonomy and power to the mod, but the eVic Primo is quite compact. The remaining functions are also at the level – there is everything you need from TCR to Smart mode.

Interesting and design the device. Thanks to the leather inserts so loved by Joyetech, the mod looks very stylish and stands out among its competitors. The assembly also corresponds to an interesting design – even with a strong desire not to carp. For a high-quality, productive and easy-to-manage device, shops ask for only 2,300–5,000 rubles (an additional 300–400 rubles for the version with clearomizer), which is an excellent price tag for a mod of this level from Joyetech. The rich functionality and low cost allow us to conclude that eVic Primo can become one of the most popular mods of 2017 among two hundred watchers.

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