Flowermate aura vaporizer review

Next to the Flowermate V3.0 Air, the Flowermate Aura Vaporizer is the second pen-style herb vaporizer by chinese company Shenzhen Smiss Technology Co., Ltd.

Honestly, the Aura Vaporizer is not my favorite Vaporizer from the Flowermate series. Yes, it does have a couple of advantages over the V3.0 Air, but I think the list of disadvantages is actually a bit longer. Many good things I like about the Flowermate V3.0 have not been adapted, unfortunately.

Comapred with the V3.0 Air, the Flowermate Aura feels cheap and less robust. It also seems less stealth to me, since it does not really look like some sort of an ecig, like most of its competitors does.

While the V3.0 Air has a glass mouthpiece for clean taste, the mouthpiece of the Aura is all plastic… Further you can’t take the screen out to clean it, which will lead to a clogged mouthpiece very fast. I’m not sure why they forgot about this feature, when designing this vape. All of their other models have a replaceable screen, as far as I know!

Last but not least, my unit had a terrible „new“ smell and I actually still can smell it a bit. Could not really get rid of it, even after countless burn-offs. No need to say, that the vapor taste is not the best, too. That is actually quite odd, since the Aura claims to be their first vaporizer with an isolated airpath, but taste wise it can’t compete with the Flowermate V5.0 series, in my humble opinion.

Nevertheless, I’ve also noticed two big advantages of the Flowermate Aura over other pen-style vaporizers. First of all, the Aura is the first pen-style vape with infinite temperature control, ranging from 25°C to 230°C.

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What really surprised me, is the battery life of the Flowermate Aura Vaporizer, though. It is simply amazing how long you can vape with a single charge. This is the true advantage of the Aura, which makes it really unique, I think.

Therefore, I can recommend the Aura to everybody who is looking for the strongest battery in a portable vaporizer. Otherwise, I would stick to another Flowermate model, though. This is not their new flagship, in my humble opinion.

Price:       5.0/5.0
Vapor:      3.5/5.0
Quality:    3.5/5.0
Mobility:   5.0/5.0

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